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Literacy Month takes place at BFS during March. Students participated in a variety of activities to celebrate literacy including Crazy Socks Day (just like Dr. Seuss’s book Fox in Socks), book characters made from potatoes, family time at Breakfast with a Book, and so much more. Ms. Gleb, BFS librarian, issued a challenge to all students in grades K5 to 5th grade: read nonfiction books, read lots of them, and see if students in those six grades could read 500 nonfiction books during Literacy Month.  Even with Spring Break the last week of March, it would take a lot of reading.
Ms. Gleb and Mrs. Galles, BFS library assistant, set up a tracking system in the library to not only show how many books were checked out by grade but also which categories of nonfiction books were being read. The top two categories were science with 342 books and history/geography with 158 books.  But did students reach the goal of 500 nonfiction books read during the month!  You bet they did!  When you see our elementary students, please congratulate them on achieving that goal, because they far surpassed it. A total of 798 nonfiction books were read during Literacy month.  Way to go, Sharks! We are so proud of you! And thanks PTSO for providing ice-cream to celebrate this achievement.
By Heidi Glebb (BFS Lybrarian)
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