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From January 15 to January 19, students of BFS exhibited and celebrated their spirit for Busan Foreign School by participating in Spirit Week that followed a pep rally on Friday—  events both organized by HS Student Council.
Spirit Week is a meaningful week for both students and teachers in that everyone can show their uniqueness in expressing their own style while simultaneously participating in a school-wide collaborative event.
This year, Spirit Week featured Pajama Day, Blackout/ Whiteout Day, Wacky Day, Fictional Character Day, and Shark Day.
Students and teachers from elementary to high school came to BFS in their outfits accordingly to each day, and it was evident that everyone showed participation and interest in Spirit Week this year more than ever before from the continuous anticipation and enthusiasm about Spirit Week’s dress codes. 
To top off Spirit Week, Student Council organized a pep rally in which an intense basketball game took place between teachers and the HS basketball team. The boys’ basketball team played against a team of male teachers, while the girls’ basketball team played against a team of female teachers.
Gathered in one setting, all students of BFS roared with buzzing infectious excitement as the gym became the hub of a cacophony of whooping, hollering, and stamping of feet.
At the end of the game, the students had won, and a teacher from each male and female team had to be faced with a pie throw in the face by the captains of HS basketball team.
The gym’s vibrant energy pulsated through everyone, as each student and teacher parted Spirit Week with a smile.

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