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Jaclyn Hyde by Annabeth Bondor Stone and Connor White

This book was written by Annabeth Bondor Stone and Connor White. They wrote a lot of kids books that are very adventurous. This is a modern retelling of the story, Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde where the plot is similar. There is a girl named Jaclyn and she gets a potion from a mysterious mad scientist’s house and drinks it to become more perfect. However, There might have been something imprecise with the potion because things didn’t happen the way she wanted to happen, because of the potion she makes a lot of mistakes which makes other people hate her. Jaclyn’s school days get more firm and firm so she tries to drink another potion so she can cure but Jackie comes back and causes bigger problems. This book can teach a lot of lessons to the reader such as perfection doesn’t make a person. Other people who read this might think differently but from 1 to 5 I would rate this book 3 because I like the structure of the story and the climax and the conflicts, but I didn’t like how the book didn’t really make the reader want to keep reading. This is because the book mostly answers the reader’s question. If you like other books from these authors, then I would recommend this book because the authors wrote kids’ books such as Time Tracers and Shivers.

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