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Dear Families,

Recent changes to Covid social distancing regulations will affect some of our upcoming scheduled events:

  • The Early Childhood, Elementary, and MS&HS music concerts and the ES STEM Fair will be held in-person as planned with registered parents able to attend.

  • The SKAC Model UN competition with other schools will be held virtually.

Furthermore, in consideration of our families’ and teachers’ travel plans over the winter break and recent changes in the Korean government quarantine requirements:

  • All BFS classes will shift to virtual learning from Monday, January 10 to Friday, January 21, 2022.

  • On Monday, January 24, 2022, we plan to return to in-person instruction.
    Our preferred instruction mode remains face-to-face, and we will strive to return in person as soon as possible and depending on government guidelines.

  • SKAC activities scheduled for January will be revisited in January based on guidelines established by local, regional, or national governments.
    Parents and students involved in those activities will be notified of any adjustments.

We encourage our new families and EC to Grade 2 families that have not previously experienced virtual school at BFS to consult our virtual school story and virtual school web pages for tips on preparing for virtual school.

We realize this news will be disappointing to our community.
We live in uncertain times and your support and partnership are key in making us and your children resilient: We are stronger together.


Lauren Harvey           Carl Brenneman
EC&ES Principal        Upper School Principal

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