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The Digital Media Creation class is beginning a new series which will focus on sharing the positive stories within BFS to help you know more about the people who make BFS a special community.

This series is inspired by the Humans of New York project. We will be using media to help us all become more aware of the multi-dimensional personalities that make up our school.

For our first story, we wanted to focus on Ms. Fox who is leading the high school volunteer club as a reach out to help the community.

“The high school volunteer club has been in BFS for 4 years. This is my first year being the teacher advisor for this club with our co-leaders Jihong Lee and Jeehyun Park. Some of the cool things that we have done this year are providing food for homeless, helping with clean-up after the hurricane, and raising money to help BAPS (Busan Abandoned Pets Sanctuary). An interesting thing that happened over the winter break was that Luke Skywalker [Mark Hamil], from the Star Wars movies, actually saw a video and liked it from the BAPS page. Then he got connected to BAPS and adopted a dog based on seeing BAPS working in the community with groups like us. It was really powerful that we can make connection not only in Busan, but we also can make global connection. Also, we are taking worthy causes like pets, like the disabled, the elderly, the poor, and our BFS community; and we are making it a better place for everybody. I am super proud of the kids for doing that.”


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