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It all started when I was in college, I went to a mission trip in Thailand. That was my first exposure over the seas and to a culture completely different from my own.

I grew up in Mexico, I lived in America, but for the most part, they are the same. So, in college was the first when I was exposed to other people, other cultures, and other religions. That first opened up my eyes of one day living overseas, but that was just kind of like a dream that I thought would never happen. Then I graduated college, started teaching, and got married. I don’t know, I loved my teaching job in Arizona. I love going there like as much as I love my job here. Then my wife started working too.

We had an awesome community of friends in Phoenix with our church and family. Not to sound arrogant, but life was easy. I loved my job, everything went well, but it got to a point where I got too comfortable. I was missing the feeling of being uncomfortable, because in my opinion

you grow when you feel uncomfortable and you experience challenges.

So, I talked to my wife and we decided that it will be good for our marriage, because that way we could hold on to each other during hard times. That is why we decided to step out of our “comfort zone”, and leave a place that we like so much.

By Alex Tian (Digital Media Creation class)

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