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This year on October 31, 2016, students of Busan Foreign School celebrated Halloween with the long school-wide tradition of wearing costumes and doing Halloween activities. The activities, planned by HS student council, took place throughout the day. Elementary students celebrated the special occasion by going through stations that featured face and scar painting, mystery guessing box station, Red or Green lights game, Mummy Wrap game, and a photo booth to capture the creative costumes and delightful faces. These stations were a glorious success, because each elementary student who stepped out with a bag of treat in their hand (also distributed from student council) wore a huge smile.

HS Student Council also worked hard long hours to provide a fun event for the middle and high school students: The Halloween Haunted House. This year, student council designed the house with the theme “Midnight Circus” and set the house like a maze with scares in every corner. The Haunted house, open for any student with 2000 won to enter the thrill, was a huge success, as many groups of students -and teachers- could enter and enjoy the scare.
The day ended as a memorable and dynamic day that students and teachers will await for next year too.
Written by HS Students Council history Min Jeong
The PTSO also hosted the traditional Elementary Trick or Treat. Moms came dressed up in their costumes and stationed themselves around the school with buckets full of candy while the elementary classes paraded throughout the stations asking to trick or treat.
Parents were also able to admire all the Halloween decorations their children had been creating for the day.
What a “spooktacular” day!

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