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On December 14, 2016 the HS Student Council invited all high school students to a game called Assassin.

After students ate their lunch, they eagerly went down to the auditorium to play the free game with their friends. Students from grade 9 to 12 gathered around in a friendly circle, listened to instructions given by Haru, Ricky, and Min, then spent the rest of lunch break enjoying the game. Although the game could not last a long time for the bell sounded before the last Assassinators were found, everyone enjoyed a good laugh with their friends.

HS Game-With-Stuco events, which took place last year with the game Mafia as well, are special opportunities that allows high school students to gather together in one setting and have fun. Student are already looking forward to next year’s Game-With-Stuco. Zenith Shrestha in grade 10 says, “You should definitely come to the HS game or you’ll miss out on the fun!”

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