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Just a couple of weeks ago Dr. Robert J. Mitchell visited BFS and gave an amazing lecture entitled “Bacterial Biosensors.” He and his university students have been researching with these organisms at UNIST– Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology. He has also published many papers detailing their research and applications.

On February 20, 2018 the Busan Foreign School HS STEM classes had the amazing opportunity to visit UNIST, and Dr. Mitchell’s laboratory. The Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology is young (founded in 2009), but is steadily developing international recognition. Located just an hour away from BFS, their research facilities are recognized worldwide for work they are doing there. BFS high school students had a chance to visit and get a feel of what it is like to be a real scientist.

From our students:

” I did know that bacteria were helpful to humans, but I didn’t know that bacteria can be so harmful to humans.” –Steven Choi

“It was a phenomenal experience where I, personally, was able to learn more about [the]STEM field through lectures, first hand experiences, and the campus tour.” — Jiwon Seo

“I was amazed by the facilities and the trip as a whole truly sparked my interest in science.” — Tristyn Stone

“It was really fun to draw with bioluminescent bacteria and learn about them, because in the past, I would nave never thought of using bacteria in art applications.” — Phoebe Lien

“I never knew much use of bacteria, but thanks to you [Dr. Mitchell], now I know that bacteria are very functional and helpful to human beings.” — Haram Choi

“It was interesting to see the actual working lab for the first time in my life. I have … gained a lot of knowledge that actually interested me into considering [a] science related career as my major.” — Mina Cho

“I’ve never toured a college campus in my life, and I was able to observe the real university life of the students, professors and facilities.” — Allie Borel

The BFS students toured many of the research facilities at UNIST as well as some of the classrooms, the library and the student union. While there, they got to listen to another lecture by Dr. Michell, and a presentation by the admissions team. They also got to do the lab work for an experiment on controlling bacteria with different agents. All the students enjoyed the trip and many expressed having a new interest in studying science after graduating high school.

By Marta Branch and Ilya Kim
Photo credit to Sunny Kim


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