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Our BFS Sharks had exciting Friday Friendly soccer matches with BIFS last week.

The HS Girls Soccer team tied one game and lost one game. The captains were Ann K and JeongMin P. Stella M made 1 goal and JeongMin P made 1 goal. The Goalies were Diana L and Alice S.

Overall the boys did very well. Our Varsity boys won both challenges and JV finished with a tie and loss against the BIFS Varsity team. The boys passed the ball well and had a strong defense. We were also able to have some high scoring games.

Sharp Shooter Sharks

  • Dima 1
  • Danny 1
  • Daniel Kim 5
  • Haru 2
  • Ricky 1
  • Sean 1
  • Sy 2
  • William 2
  • Yuri 1

Thanks to those came out to support us Nancy, Rolf, and Ken.

These are key games that lead up to the big final SKAC tournament this coming Saturday April at BIFS . Come out and cheer on your fellow sharks!

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