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The High School students took a two-day vacation off to Gapyeong from May 24 to 25 for the 2018 High School overnight trip.

After a 5-hour bus ride from the school, students landed in Gapyeong’s Camptong Island. After high school group games, the student council planned were carried out, students rode different jet ski rides around the lake next to Camptong Island and enjoyed swimming in the Infinity Pool as well. It was a great time for students to get to know each other better through the various adventures. Soon after, students and chaperones gathered together for barbecue and s’mores for dessert. It was an opportunity for everyone to relax with their peers and have a break from the long day. Afterward, students engaged in more high school group activities that brought many laughs from every grade, then went to their pods in sleeping groups for the rest of the night.

During the second day, where the students and chaperones were all rested up, everyone engaged in a paintball activity. Students were divided into 4 groups and fought against another in military clothes and helmets with paintball guns. The activities sped by, and soon students had to board the bus to their homes. Although the two days seemed to go by so fast, everyone had a memorable time with the students and chaperones all looking after another.

It is of no doubt why the end-of-year High School trip is looked forward to by so many students.

written by HS STUCO historian Min Jeong

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