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HS Futsal Boys

We are the champions, my friends.  The first time in BFS history that the boys’ futsal team has won the SKAC futsal championship. Our starting team of Sergei, Zenith, Luke, William, and Danil played outstanding as a unit which possessed the uncanny ability to know where each player would be before they got there — amazing team chemistry. Although the 2-0 championship game over DIS sealed the deal, the most hair-raising moments came in the semi-finals against HIS which ended in a regulation tie — on to penalty kicks! Both teams had a few misses and it was getting down to very few choices for kickers. We decided to have Danil our goalkeeper kick. He placed one in the back of the net, then he himself went back between the pipes to defend the next shot and saved it! He literally won the game on his own with a score and a save!
Hats off to all the players including A Team super subs Misha, Sojoun and Jun. The B Team played hard and finished with two wins, a tie, and a loss — bodes well for the future.
Congrats once again to our champions — please congratulate our players as you see them in halls and around campus!
By Coach Saunders

HS Futsal Girls

The girls’ futsal team participated in the culminating final tournament on Tuesday, April 30. With 10 players ranging from 7th-12th grade, they played 3 games throughout the day.
They tied their first one with ISK 4-4. The second game, although they lost to HIS 9-1, was extremely competitive. Our team had numerous shots on goal that barely missed the back of the net. At the end of the day, the girls played in the match to decide whether they would place 4th or 5th out of nine teams. After coming back from a game-long deficit of one point, the game ended in a tie.
Tragically, the BFS girls lost in a shootout. However, the team had a lot to be proud of, as they improved dramatically from the last tournament in March: the girls found their footing with passing and strategy; it was like a new team was on the field. Seniors Jiwon Seo and Yushin Cho held their own in goal throughout the three games, and senior Sunny Kim brought the energy and passion to the defense.
The team looks forward to next year; we have a relatively young squad with a lot of passion and enthusiasm, as well as dedicated rising seniors who will lead our team to victory.
By Coach Boyle

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