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On Friday and Saturday February 22nd and 23rd our BFS Sharks HS basketball teams traveled to Jeju Island to participate in the KISAC South HS Basketball Invitational Tournament.  Both teams played very well at the tournament with each team bringing home a trophy. Our BFS Lady Sharks went 6-0 at the tournament outscoring their opponents 120-42 while winning the championship. The girls’ defense was outstanding throughout the entire tournament as they held their opponents to an average of just 16 shots per game while putting up on average 38 shots per game. The Lady Sharks were led in scoring by NL, Katherine, and Joy with 30, 29, and 28 points. The girls hit 10 three point shots during the tournament with Joy hitting 8 of them.  Our team MVP for the tournament was Arina for her dominance on the back end of our defense hauling down rebounds and challenging all shots in her area. All thirteen girls were able to play plenty of minutes and they all gained valuable experience in a competitive basketball tournament.

On the season our BFS Lady Sharks won 12 games against just 2 losses, placing 2nd in the SKAC championship and 1st in the KISAC B-Division championship. They outscored their opponents on the season by a total of 251 points to 108, which is an average game score of 18 to 8. The girls also outshot their opponents making 118 shots out of 507 attempts (23%), compared to their opponents who made 49 shots out of 221 attempts (22%).

Coach Barnes and I would like to thank our marvelous seniors for all of their outstanding leadership qualities and the kind and welcoming spirit they displayed to all of their younger teammates as they guided them through this season. They have been a big part of our team’s success over the past three seasons and we will surely miss them (Amaya, Yushin, Phoebe, Cloe, and Min).

Our BFS Sharks boys team won the Plate Championship by securing 5th place in the tournament which is the equivalent of winning the B-Division title!  They won 4 games at the tournament and lost just 2 games. Both games the boys lost were to the two teams that went undefeated and met in the A-Division championship game.  Winning the Plate Championship is a great accomplishment for a smaller school competing against much larger schools.

All the boys played very well in the tournament and their growth as a team was a big improvement as they displayed outstanding teamwork and solid basketball skills throughout their journey.  The team’s scoring was very balanced and all players contributed to the team’s wins. Minsung was presented with the team’s MVP award for his intelligent play, sound defense, and his ability to finish his shots at the rim!  The team’s resolve was on full display in their final two games as they completed two very hard fought 1-point wins to bring the Plate Championship home to Busan! Congratulations gentlemen!!

By Mr. Galles and Mr. Gates

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