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World Reads was not only an opportunity for those who are not familiar with the English language to feel welcome, but also for those who are interested in different languages.

From a student’s point of view, I loved this time because we got to experience different languages other than just English.
There were some languages from all around the world, such as: Turkish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and so on.
It was cool how there were some words in Spanish that I can relate to, and I tried to match them with some English words.
When we were rotating through classes, I noticed that there was a book in Russian that was very similar to the English version.
This whole time, I thought that the original story was made in America, but it turns out that it was written in Russia 200 years ago.
Even after the time was finished, our class talked about it a lot and really appreciated the parent’s work.

I don’t know if I thanked the parents enough, because it was really thoughtful of them to spend their precious time on reading their favorite children books to us.

By Joy Cho (Grade 5)

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