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We are happy to announce the winners of the Ghost Story Contest:

  • 1st Prize Patrick Kim “Jack’s Story”
  • 2nd Prize Natalie Beaty “Kate’s Story”
  • 3rd Prize Sharin Kim “Scissor Press”
Runners Up: Ewon Kim “The Sound,” Danielle Church “Dulcis,” Siyun Kwoun “The Farm,” Veronica Yuguy “What Goes and Never Returns,” Hyunjun Park “The Hollow Ghost,” Albert Oh, “Baths, How Wonderful,” Danil Galkin “The Funeral.”
CONGRATULATIONS!! And THANK YOU to the writers, judges, readers and artists!
Artists are hard at work illustrating the stories on canvasses, and the big winners will receive
baked treats from Ms. Slovak – all prizes to be awarded next week!
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