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Fencing Club News: Recently, three of the BFS Fencing Club members participated in the «2018 6th Korean Fencing Association, The National Club, The Korean Fencing Competition,» which took place on Oct. 27 — Oct. 28.

Hyunzu Kim (President) secured silver in the HS Women’s Foil. Andy Kwoun (Vice-President) won bronze in the HS Men’s Epee; Andrew Junyoung Lee (Secretary) was awarded 7th place in the MS Men’s Foil.

All three competitors reflected that they grew from the tournament.

Hyunzu Kim observed,

«Once you reach a certain standard, it’s no longer a physical fight. Fencing’s chess.»

Andy Kwoun commented,

«It was a memorable tournament. Though I was honored to receive a bronze medal for my first competition, next time, I’m going for the gold.»

Andrew Junyoung Lee added,

«I experienced that fencing is a sport in which there are countless numbers of talented people. I’m determined to practice more to get better.»

By Sunny Kim
President of the BFS student-led fencing club


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