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Dear BFS Parents,

Today, the Prime Minister and the Korean Ministry of Education announced that Korean schools will move to online learning to begin their school year.
They have not given an anticipated start date for when they will physically open their schools.

While we wait for clarification from the Korean Ministry of Education, we are extending the physical closure of our school until Friday, April 17.
Based on our conversations with them, April 20th is the first day we can anticipate to physically re-open.

We are committed to excellence in learning in a safe environment.

I am proud to be a BFS Shark.
Parents, teachers, and students are truly pulling together and supporting each other.  These are challenging times for us all.

We will be hosting another webinar on Friday, April 3, at 10:30 AM to update parents on improvements we have made or will be preparing to support your children.

Starting on April 15, the school will make weekly decisions about how much longer to extend our virtual learning environment.
Each Wednesday from April 15 on, we will announce how much longer the school building will remain closed to students.
Teachers, parents, and students will receive four days’ notice of the physical reopening of school.
Please note that any students who have traveled cannot return to school for 14 days after their return to Korea.

I look forward to speaking with you all on Friday.

Warm Regards,



Iain Macfarlane
BFS Principal

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