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It’s with great excitement that I write to inform you about the expansion of our early childhood program.

Our PreK-3 enrollment for the second semester has exceeded our capacity and therefore we have expanded our program to include another section of PreK-3 to be led by Miss Shirley Elder Harris. Not only is Miss Harris the proud mom of two great kids at BFS, but she also studied Early Childhood Education in university and has substitute taught for us at the PreK-3 level this year with great success. Miss Harris and the Early Childhood team of Mrs. Dysart and Miss Pauley look forward to continue serving all children in Prek-3 and Kinder-4.

In order to provide all children with the same high level of education and commitment each class now has five students for direct instruction time. The classes are combined for lunch, recess, art and our new end of day physical education activity.  The new end of day activity is managed by the Bex Sports School and provides structured physical activities that focus on “fun, learning and development.”

We look forward to a great rest of the school year.

Mr. Saunders

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