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Everyday Angel by Victoria Schwab
Fantasy Fiction

Everyday Angel, by Victoria Schwab is an entertaining fantasy read. This book is about two friends named Aria and Gabby that grow while dealing with problems they go through together. Being a guardian angel, Aria is sent to Earth to help three people in order to earn her wings. Her first assigned person was Gabby. Helping Gabby isn’t an easy feat, even for someone with magical powers. Gabby had some family issues and was neglected while her brother was getting the parental focus when she needed it most. This novel switches perspectives between Gabby and Aria in each chapter. If you like the book Wonder by R.J, then you will LOVE this story too. It might be fictional, but you can easily relate to the characters in this story and their problems. You can learn a lot from this novel, for example, Friendship can can cure anything, or even that the smallest problems can turn into the biggest ones. I rated this book a 5/5 because you can relate to the characters, it is easy to read, and finally, it’s a fun story overall. Do you think that Aria will succeed in earning her wings? If this is a question you have, read the book!

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