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The Busan Foreign School Environmental Science and Marine Science classes went on a field trip to Haeundae Beach on March 9th, 2017. The students did three labs in total. The first one was to find which intertidal zone barnacles grow on. The students used a hula hoop to find which intertidal zone the barnacles live in. The students also looked around to find if there were other organisms living in the intertidal zones. The second lab was about finding the height of the tide with ten minute intervals. There was no specific methodology to finding the height of the tide. They guessed the height by estimating it by observing where the tide usually lands on. The final lab was looking at the wrack line on the beach. People were divided into eight groups and each group had 30 meter intervals between them. Then, they walked with a plastic bag and recorded what kind of trash they found along the wrack line on a sheet of paper and collected the trash in a trash bag.

The next day in class, we looked at all the trash that was collected and the seaweed that was collected. Students identified macro algae by using internet resources and using dissecting scopes to view the specimens.  We also discussed our measuring the tide lab and figured out how our methodology could have been better.  We learned a lot about the way that scientists measure the height of tides worldwide, and how they determine where “0” or sea level is actually located.


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