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Engaging and Exciting Pep Rally!

By the Yearbook Class Students

After the fourth week of school, the teachers and students worked together to have a good relationship, encourage the student body, and help support the high school volleyball teams through a pep rally. Yushin Cho (11), a volleyball player, said that

«the pep rally was SOOO much fun and I loved playing against the teachers and cheering.»

Chris White (11) is a new member of BFS and on the volleyball team. Regarding his first pep rally, he relayed that it was a unique experience to see teachers and students interacting through sports outside of the classroom. Rachel Jung (9), agreed;

“The Pep Rally was amazing. I enjoyed watching the students playing against the teachers.»

Anika Cho (10), is a member of the high school student council, and helped arrange this pep rally. She is also a player and felt that the event was a success.

“BFS is a very diverse community that has wide ranges of age, nationality, and personality. However, one event that can bring the whole community together is the pep rally. In addition, pep rally makes everyone feel that they belong to a community and creates an identity for BFS. One thing I liked about pep rally was being able to see the whole student body cheering for their peers and teachers.»

Measuring by the countless smiles and cheers, this event was another success!


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