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Eric Santiago who was recognized by all coaches for sportsmanship, kindness, and always polite to everyone.
BFS Sports Reporter Justin Han- 5th Grade
BFS Sports Reporter - Haddassah - 4th Grade

Boys Volleyball

Written by Justin Han- 5th Grade

On Friday, January 25 the elementary boys played the final volleyball tournament at the Harmony Center.  The tournament was hosted by ISK.

There were four boys teams from BFS.  Some teams had 2 people and some had 3 people.  BFS team 1, 2, and 3 had 3 wins and 3 losses. BFS team 4 had 2 wins and 3 losses.  

The elementary boys all played very well and they had good teamwork.  They didn’t give up. It was very different than the first practice when no one knew how to pass and serve overhand.  BFS boys improved so much.

Fifth grader, Eric Santiago was recognized by all coaches as a stand out player.  He showed kindness, a great attitude, and was always polite.


Girls Volleyball

Written by Haddasah — 4th Grade

The Girls Volleyball Team Worked Their Way to the Top!

We all were working hard to win.  We were getting points and we were having a blast!  We were doing fantastic. We finally got to the semi-finals and we won.  We got to the finals. We were actually losing first, the other team was getting in our heads.  But we pulled through and we won the final! The final score was 37-26. We did it! We kindly shook hands with the other team because we can’t forget good sportsmanship.  We brought home the trophy!



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