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It is not always that elementary children get the opportunity to play Bingo after school at BFS. This is the third year our Parent Teacher Support Organisation (PTSO) organises this event and it has not lost of charm, passion, laughs. I am still wondering how do all children manage to get not one but at least three prizes and how do their little stomachs fit in those humongous pizza slides and delicious home baked muffins (Thank You Kristine!).

This year we also counted with the very special support of Willem de Bruijn, who in his tuxedo (Bingo is not to be taken lightly) was assigned the “caller” role. We discovered he has a talent! We had many parent “floor walkers” that helped the younger ones with their numbers and cards, and let’s not forget the many teachers that also participated and helped (ahem…) maintain order.

Thank You PTSO for your support of Busan Foreign School!

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