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Congratulations to our ELC and ELE Student of the month winners!

They were awarded for the ESLR Knowledgeable: Be a Problem Solver!

  • Pk3: Maya Daniels, Martin Dalope, and Eliot Werner
  • K4: Yunji Lee, and Alexander Sills
  • K5: Tihami Alam, and Ian Kim
  • 1st: Agata Dalmatova, and Marco Carmona
  • 2nd: Austin Jung
  • 3rd: Tanvi Kumar, and Willem De Bruijn
  • 4th: Ronica Maniacal, and Victoria Yugay
  • 5th-Dylan Kim, Reenha Kim, and Chloe Jung

K5 2nd 3rd 5th EC 4th 1st

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