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The Speech & Debate SKAC took place last Saturday April 21st at BFS. A fun day filled with effective arguments, rebuttals, claims, and counterclaims. The Sharks did an amazing job. Joy , Jaelle and Eunhoo represented the fourth graders. Kelila , Luciana , Elizabeth* , Angie* and Jun participated from the fifth grade. We also brought one middle school team and two high school teams to the debate tournament. The teams all learned a lot and came away from the experience more confident speakers. We are proud of their improvements and look forward to their continued success as Speech and Debate grows at BFS.Fellow SKAC schools from GIFS, DIS, HIS, and DIS competed.
Elementary Speech Winners
1st place- Alice Topic- Beach Nightmare
2nd place- Elizabeth* Topic- Social Media does more harm than good
Angie* Topic- Dog Abuse
Finalist- Apple Topic- Sadako Sasaki
Middle School Speech Winners
1st place- Alyssa – Model Minority Math
2nd place- Ellen A Disabled Mind
3rd place- Hannah

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