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Congratulations to the February (Social ESLR) Student of the Month Winners!

PK-3 Dysart Adelina Dovidovich
K-4 Pauley Lea Mercado
Chihiro Hishida
K-5 Thorson Sandra Park
Chloe Cho
1st Gawboy Rhea Maliakal
Amber Slootweg
2nd Lossiah Tristan Park
3rd Virgen Kelila Harvey
Lauren Lee
4th Pynnonen John Gabriel Dapilloza
Sona Park
5th Hellman Junhyuk Jang
5th Zwingelberg Danny Kim

Check the following video for a collection of images depicting what happened in February at the ELC and ELE!

What does it mean to be social?

Social means that you are good with people!

At BFS, we are learning to be responsible citizens who have an understanding for respect and diversity. This means that we go out of our way to care and respect everyone!

At BFS, we are learning to communicate clearly and accurately in English. This means that we always try our hardest to speak in English when we are at school, because that’s a language we all understand! We can help our friends who are learning to speak English!

At BFS, we can demonstrate an ability to work in individual and group settings. This means that we can  work by ourselves and with other people.

At BFS, we are learning to receive and interpret messages in an effective manner. That means we listen to what people are telling us, and we can think critically about what we heard.


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