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Dragon Pearl By Yoon Ha Lee

Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee
Adventurous Fantasy

The Dragon Pearl is a thrilling fiction book written by Yoon Ha Lee. This book is following a story of Min who is a 13 year old girl who lives in Jinju with her aunt, mom, and her nephews who are very annoying. Her whole family is a fox shifter. Humans have a bad opinion about fox shifters that they’re very awful so their family mostly don’t use fox charm to be normal. Min has a brother that used to live with Min but passed the test and acasemi so he can work in space. Jinju is a very poor planet, so it was difficult for her family to live well. One day they met an investigator from where Jun is working and hears that Jun had run away to find the Dragon Pearl. Min was in big shock so She decided to go and find Jun. Going through the whole adventure she meets mean guards, her hidden aunt that owns a casino, and she finally goes to a battlecruise named Pale lighting, she gets help from a Captain and finds Jun and the Dragon Pearl. This book is a great book that has thrilling action, a scoop of fantasy and mystery. If you enjoyed books that have fantasy or adventure you would definitely love the book.


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