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This month, at the ELC and Elementary we celebrated those students who exceeded at our Physical ESLR … and the winners are:

  • PK3: Michelle Uyema
  • K4: Sofi Mercado
  • K5: Rinka Kawana, Taewoo Kim
  • 1st Grade: Sean Bae, Maria Yuguy
  • 2nd Grade: Yusei Kawana, Justin Han
  • 3rd Grade: Ethan Poppe, Kylen Elliott
  • 4th Grade: Sebastian Bonomo, Grace Chun
  • 5th Grade: Edward Cho, Erika Kim, Michael Choi, Andrew Lee

Well done everyone!

Pk3 &K4 K5 1st2nd 3rd 4th5th

What does it mean to earn a physical ESLR:

  • Learn healthy habits
  • Live long, healthy lives
  • Learn and follow safety rules


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