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Congratulations on attaining your Doctorate in Education, Mr. Barnes! A journey that started three and a half years ago is finally coming to a happy end. With the publication of Mr. Barne’s dissertation on the ProQuest database (the largest, multidisciplinary, full-text database in the world), Mr. Barnes just needs to wait until his diploma is handed over to him in December this year.

Mr. Barnes dissertation was as a quantitative research study that explored the satisfaction level of American charter school teachers and identified the factors that contributed to and predicted their job satisfaction level.  Findings revealed that these teachers were most satisfied with “the chance to do things for other people” and work independence with regard to working in a charter school.  Working conditions and supervisory aspects of the job were identified as significant predictors in a teachers level of satisfaction (or there lack of).

Mr. Barnes feels very lucky to have been able to complete such a monumental task, but he believes his focus is more on the idea of life-long learning itself.

Even though I have finished what could be considered as the pinnacle of formal education, I still find myself asking “what’s next” when it comes to learning.  I could not have completed what I have without the support of my family and friends and the inspiration of my colleagues.  I look forward to continuing to expand my experiences both in teaching and learning here at BFS for the foreseeable future to help others also see the value and reward in their academic growth and accomplishments.

Thank you Mr. Barnes!

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