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Clean Getaway by Nic Stone
Realistic Fiction

The author of this book is Nic Stone. She wrote a book called Clean GetAway. The book genre is realistic fiction. In my book, there are two main characters, called Scoob and G’ma. Scoob had a name like that because he watched too many Scooby-Doo cartoons, so G’ma started to call him Scoob. Then everyone else started calling him Scoob when he was five years old. They both have really close relationships, even though they have different skin colors. Scoob is the one who has black skin, and G’ma is the one who has a white skin color. Some people make fun of them because they have different skin colors. Scoob and G’ma decide to travel to Mexico with Scoob’s dad, crazy things happen during the trip. Scoob found a funny place called an amusement park. They decided to play in the amusement park, they ate ice cream and pretzels. Suddenly G’ma found a fun thing. It was a roller coaster! But Scoob was really worried because G’ma was too old to ride a roller coaster. But G’ma ignored Scoob so she decided to ride it, and my author likes to put action words and dialog so it hooks the reading. I will rate the book ⅘ because at the beginning it was funny and interesting. If you like realistic fiction books you will love to read this book.

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