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Thanksgiving was such a fun day! 

The Elementary Turkey Trot was a great start to the day. Students trotted as far as the Jangsan reservoir, stopping on the way to complete fun active challenges. Students were also asked to get to know their classmates a bit more on the walk.  Ask your son/daughter what they learned about someone from their class!
We are so thankful for the PTSO and all the moms and dads that joined us for lunch. We are also thankful for the school cafeteria, who prepared a traditional Thanksgiving meal. For dessert we regaled ourselves with a selection of home baked goodies. This was very special because each parent baked something that reminded them of their own country.
To make the day more meaningful, we wrote what we are Thankful for in leaves that were hanged on a Thanksgiving tree. We have left the trees in the lobby so you can still check them out.
Check our school website picture gallery. We have well documented the day.

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