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2016-17 Science Fair

On November 15th we hosted the 2nd SKAC science fair with over 110 students from 5 different schools competing and sharing scientific knowledge and experiments with each other. All of the science teachers are proud of all of our students who competed!…

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Mr. BFS: a HS Student Council Fundraiser

The BFS Highschool Student Council organized a pageant called Mr. BFS. The show was arranged by our two lovely MCs, Jihong Lee and Mr. Mijares. 9 contestants of the show, Rodney Hamm, Adam Lossiah, Sean Fox, Ricky Ahn, Vlad Sin, Gene Kim, Daniel…

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Basketball: 1st SKAC MS Game Results

SKAC Tournament Held at ISK on Saturday April 23rd MS Girls Basketball Recap On Saturday, the girls played their first tournament of the year. They played well, won 3 of their 6 games; but more importantly, they used this experience to…

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