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Dear BFS Community,

As we finish our second week on BFS Virtual School, I would like to reach out for some important information.

First, we do not yet know when we will physically reopen BFS.
It is a fluid situation and we will let you know as soon as we are able.

We have been informed by the Busan Ministry of Education that anyone who has been to a country with “Local Transmission” will need to wait 14 days from their return date to be physically allowed back in school.
Schools in Seoul are following the Seoul Ministry of Education recommendations that were released on March 10th, and ISB is doing the same here in Busan.

So, for example, if school resumes on the 30th of March anyone in those affected countries would need to have been back in Korea by the 16th in order to attend BFS.
You can see the list of affected countries by checking the WHO situation reports (click here) and going to Table 2 and looking for “Local Transmission”.

If you are not in Korea right now or are planning on traveling please complete this form.
Note, you do not have to complete it if you have already done so and you have not changed your country location.

Our goal as always is to keep everyone safe and to deliver the best possible education in these challenging and disruptive circumstances.

Warm regards,

Ian Macfarlane
BFS Principal

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