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During the month of November, our BFS Volunteer Club held a donation act for BAPS (Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary), a privately run independent animal sanctuary that provides shelter and care for abandoned dogs.

The greater BFS community generously donated money & spare change for 4 days to this great cause to help animals in need of homes. In fact, we were able to raise 190,920 krw through your donations!

Volunteer club used some of the money to purchase dog food and treats, the rest of the money, 170,000 was donated directly to the sanctuary in BFS’s name on Friday December 2nd, when Mr. Leo Mendoza, owner of BAPS, came to the school and talked to us about the organization during lunch time.

November is a month of gratitude and thankfulness, and we want to say THANK YOU to all the students who donated food, treats and money. It was a great success.

The Busan Foreign School Volunteer Club

Leo Mendoza from BAPS Volunteer Club Volunteer Club Volunteer Club Volunteer Club Volunteer ClubVolunteer Club

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