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Dear BFS Community,

I hope your Spring Break is going well and that you are using the time to recharge and spend quality time with your loved ones. We are fortunate at BFS to have on hand a group of professional educators, many of whom volunteered their time at the beginning of this week to test some of the tools we will be using in the BFS virtual school.
We are in great shape to teach your child(ren) digitally starting on Wednesday, March 4th.

MS&HS will follow its regular Monday schedule online. Kindergarten and Elementary will be assigned work every morning, which they will independently work on and submit online.
In both cases, students will be in regular contact with their teachers.
The intent is not for parents to become their children’s teachers, although your support will positively reflect in your child’s learning.

To prepare for virtual school, we have developed some checklists.
Please take the time to read them carefully:

We have also uploaded additional resources on our website’s BFS virtual learning page.
By Monday, we will send you invites to join us on Tuesday at a  30-min webinar, where we will go through our digital learning model and answer any questions you may have.
You should also expect frequent surveys that will help us fine-tune our model.

We are grateful for your support and partnership in moving to BFS Virtual School. Together, we will make it a success story.

Warm regards,




Iain Macfarlane
BFS Principal

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