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BFS hires teachers that not only care for their students but also excel and become role models for other teachers. Three of our current faculty, Ms. Leland& Ms. Boyle, and Mr. Muller, traveled to Seoul and presented to fellow teachers on respectively “AXEXES Paragraph Format: Creating and Supporting Arguments in Writing” and ” Using Rubrics for Self-Assessment”.

The AXEXES Paragraph Format: Creating and Supporting Arguments in Writing
In this session, attendees learned about the AXEXES acronym (argument, example, elaboration, example, elaboration, and so what?) and how to use it to teach and assess writing.

The Using Rubrics for Self Assessment session combined the research from John Hattie’s “Visible Learning” studies and Understanding By Design into a method to self-assessment in middle and high school students.
Participants learned how to introduce a unit of study to build self-assessment skills and be able to apply the experience to a current unit of study.

We are proud of our teachers!

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