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Congratulations to Ilya Kim, Amaya Anzola, Hidaya Mansour, and Nauman Shaikh. All four have been chosen to chair committees at the SKAC Model United Nations Tournament this December.
Ilya will chair the General Assembly, Amaya will chair the Human Rights Committee, Hidaya will chair General Assembly II, and Nauman will chair the Security Council.
The chairperson of a MUN Committee has a big job. They need to be knowledgeable about UN procedures, and the issues being debated, which include cyber warfare, refugees, and women’s rights, but must also be aware of the positions of the many countries represented on their committee, and act as referees on the fly, focusing and moving debate along.

This is a big step for the BFS MUN Team. Congratulations again to these fine students.

T. Neeno
BFS HS Social Studies

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