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The week before Lunar New Year break, from January 23 to January 26, students of BFS exhibited and celebrated their spirit for Busan Foreign School by participating in spirit week and a pep rally, both organised by HS Student Council.

The spirit week— which is a meaningful week in that everyone can wear something other than their uniforms—  featured Pajama Day, Twin Day, Wacky Day, and Shark day. Students of each grade came to school in their outfit each day, and later sixth and eleventh grade was awarded for showing the most spirit in middle and high school. To top off spirit week, Student Council organized a pep rally in which an intense basketball game took place between teachers and the HS basketball team. All the students of BFS, gathered in one gym, roared for the teachers and students, as the two teams were competing for an award — Free dress day for either HS or elementary students. Although the HS basketball team won by 4 points at the end and HS student body was awarded a Free Dress day, the gym was full of energy from all around and everyone went home with a smile.

Written by the HS Student Council Historian

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