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The February 2020 edition of our Newsletter has been published. Read Mr. Macfarlane’s introduction here:

Dear BFS Community, 

A lot has happened since we were just about to publish our February edition of the BFS newsletter. It’s incredible to think that a few short weeks ago, we had students physically in school. Looking back over the stories and pictures contained in this newsletter, We eagerly look forward to seeing our students walk through the door. We have done an admirable job of keeping everybody safe and of continuing a high level of education, but it will never replace the learning that comes from physical interaction with one another. 

We have all had to learn tremendously during this transition to virtual school. It is essential to acknowledge that this has not been easy for anyone. Teachers and students have had to learn new tools and ways of communicating, and parents have had to provide support to their children in new and challenging ways. I am grateful for everyone’s support as we have come together during a challenging time. 

Please take a few minutes to read over the stories and pictures in this newsletter. They speak to what makes this school so unique. BFS is a place where people come together to engage in one of those most complicated and challenging endeavors – student learning. Also, take time to read our Alumni pages, former BFS graduates have been doing some truly remarkable work. 

Soon, we will be back together again inside the BFS school. I enthusiastically await the day that I can greet our students and have an outstanding finish to the 2020 school year. 

Stay healthy and stay connected, 

Iain Macfarlane 

BFS Principal

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