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Some more news from BFS Fencing Club …
36th Seoul Metropolitan City Long-Term Fencing Championship — December 2nd: Andy Kwoun (Vice-President) and Hyunzu (Sunny) Kim (President) of BFS Fencing Club both won first place in their respective categories: HS Men’s Epee and HS Women’s Foil.

With his first gold medal, Andy Kwoun said, «I took first place like I promised I would in my previous quote. I worked hard to keep it and I’m proud that the result shows for itself. I’ll try my best for the next competition as well!» Additionally, Hyunzu (Sunny) Kim commented, «I always knew that I had a lot of areas to improve on, but I’ve never really known until I experienced the skill level of the competitors in this tournament.»

Busan taking over Seoul! BFSers making history!

By Hyunzu (Sunny) Kim

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