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Safety is our highest priority for the students of Busan Foreign School. We have established a collection of procedures in order to ensure that our buses arrive on time.

  1. All students must wear seat-belts.
  2. All students must be present at the designated bus stop five minutes earlier than the posted arrival time.
  3. All students on the bus must be respectful to one another.
  4. All students must listen to the directions of the bus driver.
  5. All students must refrain from talking to, disturbing, or distracting the bus driver.
  6. All students must not throw any objects inside or outside of the bus.
  7. All students must not bring food on the school bus.

Violating any of these rules will result in;

  • 1st incident – Written warning
  • 2nd incident – 1 day detention
  • 3rd incident – 3 days detention
  • 4th incident – Parental Meeting
  • 5th incident – Suspension and/or revoked bus privileges.
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