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Busan Foreign School strives to offer a balanced program of academics, athletics, and arts.
The nonacademic life is equally important and helps to shape our students into model citizens of the world.

The Value of Team Sports

At BFS we believe that exercise and fitness contribute to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The habit of regular physical exercise during adolescence can continue for years to come and is important in maintaining health and well-being. BFS offers many competitive sports all school year-round to all students, regardless of skill level.

Team sports allow students to experience the value of teamwork, engage in leadership roles and enjoy the benefits of healthy competition, all while having fun and making new friends. Students who play on a sports team often learn to manage their free time and excel academically.


BFS sports coaches instill the importance of sportsmanship and fair play from the first practice to the last game and beyond. Our student-athletes are expected to uphold the virtues of good sportsmanship, such as winning graciously, accepting failure with dignity and always showing respect for opponents and officials.

Mission Statement

The educational aim of the Athletic Department program is to teach and encourage students:
•    To acquire the ability to function within a team
•    To have the strength to continue even when facing failure
•    To be a gracious winner
•    To practice fair play and to display good sportsmanship
•    To develop social skills and create new friendships and bonds
•    To develop interpersonal relationship skills, including conflict management
•    To learn how to plan one’s free time creatively and efficiently
•    To learn how to balance recreation and work

To accomplish these goals, the BFS Athletic Department organizes:
•    Team sports practices
•    Meets, competitions, and tournaments
•    Alternative study times when events conflict with school and study time
•    Awards ceremonies or assemblies

SKAC and KISAC, our Competitive Sports Leagues

Seven schools represent SKAC, the South Korea Activities Conference. SKAC sporting events consist of cross-country running, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track and field. Most SKAC sporting events consist of two big tournaments hosted by the schools within SKAC. In addition, SKAC schools often schedule one on one competitions with each other.

As of 2017, BFS High School basketball also participates in the KISAC (Korean International Schools Activities Conference). The KISAC members come from the entire peninsula and bring the league to a different level. The KISAC HS basketball tournaments typically take place in February with two major events, one in Jeju and the other in Busan.

Seasons of Play

Sports competitions take place for almost the entire school year, starting in August with cross country and volleyball, and ending in May with track and field. Teams practice one to three times a week after school, depending on grade level. BFS annually hosts either the girls or boys SKAC High School Basketball Championships, as well as both the Elementary and Middle School Girls Basketball Championships.

Typically seasons follow the schedule below:


  • High School Boys and Girls Volleyball.  August – September
  • Cross Country (Co-ed).  3rd – 12th grade September – November
  • Middle School Girls and Boys Soccer. September – November
  • Elementary Girls and Boys Soccer. September – November
  • High School Girls and Boys Basketball. September – February


  • Middle School Girls and Boys Volleyball.  January – February
  • Middle School Girls and Boys Basketball.  February – March
  • Elementary Boys and Girls Basketball.  February – March
  • High School Girls and Boys Soccer.  February – April
  • Track and Field (Co-ed).  April – May
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