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On October 20, Busan Foreign School had its 21st birthday in which students and staff celebrated the day with an energetic and vibrant school spirit.

Founder’s Day began with a greeting from Student Council presidents, Jihong Lee and Gene Kim, and principal Mr. Macfarlane.

They welcomed BFS poets from kindergarten to high school to present their poems about their love for the school, and a student from each division of read his or her poem in front of the whole school. Soon after, groups of students formed in advance were assigned to various stations around the school. Everyone engaged in school-wide activities that the BFS Student Council coordinated for days, which included games such as Grab The Flag, Minion Minion, Duck Duck Goose, Running Charades, Concession stands, Wet Sponge, and Conquer.

The activities took place simultaneously throughout the school on the field and roof, and in the gym and auditorium.

The buzzing day of energy came to a close in the gym when the students and staff gathered in the gym to watch lip sync battles featuring teachers Mrs. Fox, Mr. Galles, Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Taylor, Mr. Dickinson, and Mrs. Dickinson. The Student Council also featured two dance performances, one by high school student council and another by both middle and high school student councils.

Even after the celebration was over, everyone had a huge smile at the school spirit.

It is no doubt that the BFS community continues to eagerly look forward to the student- coordinated tradition.

By HS historian Min Jeong


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