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It’s been a great 4-year ride supervising and leading this activity! I’m proud that we had so many participants, all the kids felt they could all be included, felt safe and sure of themselves to go up on stage, take direction and work with the crew and other cast members, and be so brave to show off their special skills! :)  None of this could happen without the support of the parents, stage crew volunteers, and BFS staff!  I’ve enjoyed working with Dr. Kim for the past 4 years on this project, and having the addition of  Mrs. Harvey the past two years.  A special thank you to  Mrs. Kim, Ms. Hwang, Ms. Shim and Ms. Jang who called parents and translated information for us,  Ms Choi and Ms. Allepuz in the marketing department who made the fliers and made the certificates, and Mr. Armstrong this year, who worked so hard to make the light show interesting and Mr. Galles who  was so flexible and supportive and gave up his gym time for us to rehearse!

BFS students aren’t your average book smart students, they have hidden talents that they shared with the audience of over 300 people on May 3, 2018.  Secret talents and gifts were shared with the audience and kept everyone entertained for the whole show! The 2018 Busan Foreign School talent show was another big hit.

There were so many great acts, 29 to be exact with 55 individual participants, and each of them deserves special recognition for sharing their gift with all of us!  In this year’s talent pool, it was clear that each participant worked hard all year to showcase their skills for this annual event. Students wowed the audience with a large variety of talent, from magic, acting, dancing, singing, and a variety of musical instruments and even a rock band!  

Overall, the Talent Show 2018 was legendary- an epic variety showcase of Busan Foreign School student’s skills and talents that surprised us, made us laugh and cheer on all the great acts.  I believe no one is going to forget what happened this year as we got great shots from the photo zone and video of the show, making great memories for everyone.

Here is a link to our Talent Show picture gallery.


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