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SKAC Tournament Held at ISK on Saturday April 23rd

MS Girls Basketball Recap

On Saturday, the girls played their first tournament of the year. They played well, won 3 of their 6 games; but more importantly, they used this experience to better understand the game of basketball. For many, this was their first competitive basketball experience, and all the girls came away with skills they want to work on in preparation for May’s tournament, which takes place here at BFS!

MS Boys Basketball Recap

The boys had two teams represent BFS at the ISK SKAC divisional tournament. Each team faced a great deal of adversity but learned from the experience. Between the 2 teams, they played 12 games, one of which was against each other! At the end of the day the boys came away with 6 wins, several turf burns, a few balls to the face, a whistle to the ear, an appreciation for an indoor court, and major improvements in their game.
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