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Awesome Dog vs. Mayor Bossypants by Justin Dean

The book Awesome Dog 5000 vs. Mayor Bossypants is written by Justin Dean. Justin Dean is a children’s author. In this book the main characters, Ralph, Marty, and Skyler, who have nicknamed themselves the Zeros Club, go and defeat the evil mayor, Mayor Bossypants! This book has action, excitement, and adventure! However as an older reader, this book is unrealistic. If I were younger I would rate this a four out of five. Unfortunately, I am an older reader, and in the book nobody got seriously hurt. The worst that happened to someone was falling from a 100 foot tall building and only getting some bumps and scratches because they were wearing skating gear. Another time was when someone got hurled into the sky and landed in a duck pond and only got soggy underwear. As an older reader and someone who prefers realism over silliness, I would rate this book at a 2.5 out of 5 stars. Awesome Dog vs. Mayor Bossypnats doesn’t really surprise you in any way. It was fairly easy to predict what the characters would do next and most of the time it was correct. In conclusion, I am rating this book a two point five out of five because this book is predictable, a sort of desperate attempt to copy another book, and overall TOO silly.

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