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Today I would like to share information about this really amazing student created club: Awareness through Film.
The club was founded by Hidaya Mansour, 10th-grade student.
It currently has 8 members from MS and HS, who meet on Tuesdays.
Hidaya thought that nowadays video production is the way to go to raise awareness and understanding about difficult topics that affect today’s society.
One image does not say it all because it is put out of context, while a video helps give perspective and generate understanding.
In fact, one of the things the club is making sure is that right at the start of any film, a TEDD talk style presentation introduces the topic and purpose of the film.
Currently, they are working on the production of a film that discusses the topic of “Diversity”.
They are looking at diversity from different angles and linking it to inter-culture, immigration, racism, sexism.
They would like to complete this first film by June this year although they are challenged by their busy schedules.
Producing a film requires plenty of time and thought. The scripting needs to be compelling and they are still looking for actors willing to bring it to life.
Does this project send interesting to you? would you like to become one of their actors and bring their story to life?
“Awareness through Film” would be delighted to hear from you!

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