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Today we gave away 28 leaving kits to students moving away from BFS.

The A4L (Anchored4Life) team leaders passed them out and explained the kits to kids from grade K4-11.

We will miss all of our friends departing and now they have a nice, special memory of our school and their friends.

The kids all did a great job and I heard a lot of positive feedback from the recipients. We have done well.
Now, let’s wish them all safe journeys and positive transitions from BFS.

Go Sharks! :)

In the kits:
Patches the memory bear
1 special coin (A4L)
1 moving journal for Student
1 transition family guidebook
1 DVD “the great moving adventure “
1pack if “notes for me”

1 contact card for the new school
By Ms.Ellen Fox
BFS Counselor

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