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For my 7th period in BFS, I decided to take this course, named “Urban Agriculture”. The very, first day of this class, I realized that there weren’t a whole lot of 8th graders compared to the number of  6th graders in the class, which took me by surprise. And, because our class was “filled” by little 6th graders, I may have underestimated the class. I was thinking that it might not be very difficult. Nevertheless, after a few weeks passed I noticed that it wasn’t easy just because most of the class was crowded by 6th graders. Instead, it was the same as other normal 8th grade classes. And, in this class, I’ve learned some amazing things such as new vocabulary from each unit, more about the plant life and our school “shark”  behaviors and so on.

Ms. Branch, our teacher, tries her best to make us understand certain concepts. She does that by making outdoor activities, so we can see, feel, touch, and draw the plants. Also not only that, but before the test, she likes to review everything at least once to make sure people understand. Normally, she makes us move around in a circular form and on every part of the circle, there is a question for us to answer. This makes us not only think but also, a little bit of exercise at the same time.

Not only this, but she would most certainly like to go on field trips every Friday. We normally just go near school, because just across from our school there is a redpath which eventually leads to the Jangsan Mountain. In the field trip, she requires us to take our field notebooks, pencils, eraser and coats and sometimes hats and gloves if the weather is not helping us.

She would set us free when we arrive at the certain tree she would ask us to draw. Here is a quick image of the scene. We would gather around in a group or pair to observe the plant and draw carefully in our notebooks.
I believe this class, is an amazing class, the more you try, the better you will get.  And, also as you are drawing the observations each week, your skills of drawing improve each week. So I think I’m very glad to be in such a wonderful class.

By Rachel Jung

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