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BFS has a school uniform, which reflects the style of smart/casual attire found in the United States.  Our policy is based on the beliefs that the school uniform:

  • promotes a sense of pride, community, inclusion, and belonging in our school;
  • identifies our students with the school using a cohesive image;
  • prevents students from wearing ‘fashion clothes’ that could be distracting or promote competition; and
  • is practical and designed with health and safety in mind.

The required BFS uniform items are:

  • All Grades – Every Day:

    • Navy polo shirt (long or short sleeve)
    • Khaki pants/shorts or plaid skirt/jumper
    • Shark hoodie(optional)
  • High School – Formal Days:

    • Blazer
    • White Oxford shirt
    • Khaki pants or plaid skirt/jumper


Please note the following:

  • Official BFS school uniforms are to be worn Monday through Thursday.

  • Friday (or the last day of a working week) is a casual day, and students may choose to wear their uniform or appropriate casual clothing. The last day of school is also a casual day.

  • Students should not wear low necklines, spaghetti straps, bare midriff or halter-tops.

  • Skirts or shorts should be longer than 2 inches (5 cm) above the knee.

  • The use of hats inside the school is not allowed.

  • Hoodies or jackets from BFS sports or activities are not considered part of the uniform.

  • Students may not wear open-toed shoes or sandals, including Fridays.

  • Students may not cover their uniforms with non-BFS jackets or coats in the classroom. In cold weather students must wear their school regulation navy blue sweaters or the approved cardigans/hoodie. If they are still cold, they may put a BFS Shark hoodie or BFS uniform logo jacket over their sweater or cardigan.

  • All Elementary students are also required to purchase BFS P.E. attire to wear on P.E. days (including Fridays).

  • Middle and High School students enrolled in P.E. courses must purchase BFS P.E. attire to wear during P.E. class only.

  • Proper sports shoes that have laces and good ankle and arch support are also required for P.E.

For more detailed information click the icon below and download a pdf version of the school dress code policy. This also includes purchase information:




You can also get a “feel” for BFS’ uniform by viewing our school uniform picture gallery

The official BFS uniform is available for purchase through three suppliers:

  1. Land’s End
    Orders are made through the Land’s End website Upon first login you will need to create a user account. You will be able to select the school and save your child(rem) profile(s). This means that all items that are available according the uniform school policy will automatically appear.
    Please click on the icons below for the direct link to our school on Land’s End:

    For the latest Land’s End promotions on school uniforms click here
  2. Local korean supplier Cheonghan FC
    Orders need to be made by coming to the school on the published dates (every second Thursday of a given month between 14.00 and 16.00) or by calling Cheonghan FC directly on 053 255 8878 (Korean only).
  3. PTSO Used Shop
    The PTSO has a 2nd hand shop that sells official supplier used items in good condition. Availability varies. If interested send an email to Price is usually 5,000krw per item.
No items.